Don’t Skip The Legs

Leg day is by far one of the most important days in the gym. Too many gym goers tend to skip this day and focus on the upper body or just cardio, and later complain about not getting the results they want. Here are a few reasons not to skip it.
For you guys out there… Doing heavy lifts on squats and deadlifts have been shown to naturally boost your testosterone. So, you can cast those expensive supplements aside (unless prescribed by a doctor). This is a great way to put on that extra muscle mass so many guys want.
For those looking to lose weight, Leg day is hugely important. With so many muscle groups in the legs, a leg workout burns calories like crazy. You may also notice after those heavier lifts your heart is racing, well your heart is pumping to get more blood to those muscles adding in a bit of cardio work too.
Working Legs also improves balance. Working with moves such as lunges works those little stabilizer muscles that aid us in every day life.

Leg workouts also help with a metabolism boost. Working legs wont just make you faster or jump higher, but it will help your body become a more efficient machine with the appropriate fuel.


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