Free Weights and Machines

Free Weights at Quest Fitness, Grand Rapids Area Gym
Quest Fitness Free Weights

Many people struggle in the gym because they are unsure how to use the equipment or where to start and in many cases hide in the machines.

I’ll admit I was one of them. The machines at the gym can be a great tool, but in many cases can’t give you the same results as free weights. A good example is the arm curl machine vs. the standing dumbbell curl. The machine will isolate the biceps and give them a decent workout, but the standing curl will work the biceps, shoulders and core muscles.

For many people looking to lose weight the free weights are a better way to go. Hitting more muscle groups at one time will burn more calories.   

Another machine I see so many people use is the treadmill. The treadmill is a great tool, but for a good cardio workout it shouldn’t be relied on all the time. We have been running for thousands of years so our bodies adjust to it fast. Before you know it, you are running an hour just to get a good cardio workout. I say break away from it from time to time and try more of a HIIT style workout or Tabata Training. These training styles will boost your heart rate and give you an amazing workout.

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