Weights and Women

Almost every day I run into women at the gym who stay away from the weight area and go just to cardio.

Cardio training is important, but weight training is just as critical.

One of the biggest excuses I get is “I don’t want to get big.”

You wont. Well unless you are on testosterone boosters or steroids.
Weight training when done properly will help cut fat, improve balance (if done in an unstable environment), and also help build bone density.

Believe it or not lifting weights can burn more calories than running on that treadmill.

With running you will notice your body will plateau quickly, and the frustration will begin when the weight stops dropping off. While with weight training your muscles will be under constant stress, and while under stress they will need to pull from an energy source and if diet is right, the muscles will pull from body fat.
Another major reason for women to lift is to build bone density.

As we know, women are prone to ailments such as osteoporosis. With putting added stress on the bones you will build density to compensate for the extra load.
I do understand that the weight area of the gym is intimidating and you may not know where to start, but there are fitness professionals, like myself that are here to help.

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