Trainer vs. DVD

No workout is one size fits all. Because of that, here are the pros and cons of working with a DVD vs. a Trainer.

DVD VS. Trainer.
DVD Pros:

  • One time investment,
  • no membership,
  • can be done at home,
  • needs minimal equipment.

DVD Cons:

  • Requires self motivation,
  • no way to check form,
  • higher chance of injury,
  • may require equipment.

Trainer Pros:

  • Someone to motivate you,
  • has equipment for you to use,
  • custom plans to fit your needs,
  • able to work in a gym or parks,
  • can monitor form to reduce chances of injury.

Trainer Cons:

  • Larger investment,
  • may require gym membership,
  • scheduling issues.

Whatever your choice, do your research. Make sure the DVD you work with is right for your fitness level and your schedule. If you work with a trainer do not be afraid to ask questions and explain your weight lifting, cardio, and weight loss goals. Do your research and find what fits best for you.


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