If You Want Fitness, Then Take It!

Ray Shonk | Quote | Fitness Quote | Quest Fitness | Greater Grand Rapids Area
Strength Dosen’t Come From what We Can Do, It Comes From Overcoming What We Thought We Couldn’t Do.

Today I made it a point to increase the difficulty of my workout.

Just a couple of months ago I would have been lucky to get 1-set of muscle ups…

Today I achieved:

  • 2-sets of 5 muscle ups,
  • 4-sets of 12 high pull ups,
  • 2-sets of15 second iso hold levers,
  • 4-sets of 10 pull up holds,
  • 4-sets of 20 windshield wipers,
  • 4-sets of 16 archer pull ups.


If you want it bad enough, then push for it. You can accomplish anything if you really want it!

Need more motivation? Check out this section of my blog.


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