Fit Kids: Advice From A Healt Passionate Parent

Ray Shonk | Quest Fitness Gym | The Greater Kenwood, MI Area
Ray Shonk and his son’s love working out together. Quest Fitness is passionate about Fit Kids.


“How can I get my kids off the couch to exercise?”

The best answer I can give is:  Lead By Example.

If you come home and crash right on the couch they will do the same. I know a lot of us don’t have a ton of time at home, but there is a lot you can do with your kids in just a few minutes.

A few easy and kid friendly exercises are:

  1. burpees,
  2. pushups
  3. squats
  4. 15-minute walks

Most important though is making a game out of working-out.

Make exercise fun and fitness will become a life long journey for them.


Do you need someone to watch your kids while you workout, or help you create routines to get your children involved in exercisingI can help.

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