Importance of Core Training 

Ray Shonk, Body Exercise, Quest Fitness Gym, Kent County Michigan
I am healthier in my late 30’s than early 20’s.

Core training has become a growing fitness trend in recent years and used by personal trainers as a common method of training. the objective is to uniformly strengthen the superficial and deep muscles that stabilize, move and align the trunk of the body.  These exercises especially the back and the abdominal muscles.

Historically, physical therapists would work a client’s core muscles to help with lower back issues.

More recently has grown popular with athletes to aid in sport performance. Core programs are regularly built for training clients with goals ranging from flatter mid sections to needing a stronger lower back.
A weak core leads to a fundamental problem inherent to ineffective movements that tend to lead to injury. designing a proper core program helps gain neuromuscular control, strength, muscular endurance, stability and power.
Regardless of age, or physical level, core training should be introduced into your regular training routine.

If unsure where to start, contact a fitness professional to show you the best and safest ways to train your core.


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