Fueling Up With Carbs

What carbs are good and what carbs are bad?

Carbohydrates are one of the best sources of fuel for your body. The trick is getting the right carbs, as well as having the proper portion for your fitness goals. The average diet should consist of about 40% carbs, and would be adjusted based on the goal of gaining weight or losing weight.

Well fruits, vegetables, and whole grains should be your main sources of healthy carbs. Try to stay away from high starch foods such as white bread and white rice.

I would never recommend cutting carbs completely out of your diet. I find carbs will actually help burn fat by properly keeping you fueled.

  I myself eat about 65% carbs! You just have to find the right balance for you.

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Change For You!

Ray Shonk | Exercise | Quest Fitness Gym | Personal Trainer | Kent County MI
I do it for me, and no one else.


 I bring this up because it is an issue I recently had to address.

You have to make fitness changes for the right reasons.

You have to want to do get fit for you.

Don’t do it because your friends or significant other tells you to change. Doing it for others will only lead to feeling miserable. If others are criticizing how you look or how fit you are, then they are not people you really need in your life. Be happy with who you are and make those changes because you want to.

You get one shot at life, so make it the best life you can.

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New Challenges 

2/16/16 I took on a challenge to test my core stability. I attempted a head stand to a front elbow lever.

My elbow lever wasn’t perfect and needs work, but the important thing is that I tried.

I strongly believe you should constantly challenging yourself.

Without the challenge how can you grow? I extend the challenge to you to try something new, and test your limits. You may not succeed your first try, but don’t give up.

Learn from your personal fitness failures, and move forward towards a healthier you.

A true master had failed more than a beginner has tried.


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Want to see how I’ve progress? My Fitness Journey.

The Skinny on Fats

Healthy Fats | Quest Fitness Gym | Personal Trainer Ray Shonk | Kent County
This is what “healthy fats” look like.

The Skinny on Healthy Fats

While it is true that fat is higher in calories than carbs and protein, it is also true that fat has many benefits, such as twice the energy of carbs and protein.  These “Good Fats” insulate the body against temperature extremes, protect  your body against shock, and maintains cell membranes.

So how are you going to take in more healthy fats?

Also, depending on the type of fat you eat, you may be protecting your heart.


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The World Is Your Gym

I will tell you up front, there is nothing wrong with lifting weights.

 Most of the clients I work with weight lift. But for me I have fallen in love with calisthenics.

I have done plenty of weight lifting in the past, and yes it is a challenge, but I found training with bodyweight to be even more challenging. The change for me was heavily influenced by trainers like Tony Horton, Shaun T, Frank Medrano, and Al Kavadlo.

My first big question was and it is one I get from client:

“How can you put on muscle when you don’t lift weights?”.

The answer was incredibly simple:  Your body is a weight!

Pushups for example, not everyone can do them with proper form. It takes core stability and a lot of chest strength. Want to get a bigger chest? Change the tempo of the pushups.

Then there is the infamous pull up. You are now lifting almost your entire bodyweight, and honestly, most people can’t do them. But pull ups can be done if you train for them. When I started, I couldn’t do even one. Seriously, check out my fitness journey.
I would have to say my most favorite thing about callisthenic training is: You can do it anywhere!

The world becomes your gym. Pushups in the living room, pull ups on a tree or play ground, and squats until you walk funny.
I’m in no way saying you have to give up weights, just don’t discount your body as a weight.


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