Training Trip


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Early last year I submitted my application to become a NASM Master Trainer, and after passing the entrance test, sending letters of recommendation and writing an essay, I was accepted to be 1 of 50 this year. There are 5 summits you can attend and only 10 students per summit.

I picked the first one of the year. The class was rough, but I picked up a ton of useful training tips. Later I found out only 8 were accepted into my group. By summit time there were only 4 trainers in the program including myself. Even more surprising, our class was in the private MUSCLEPHARM facility in Denver! It was amazing, best equipment I have seen.

It was awesome to have the facility all to ourselves! We could build programs using any of  the equipment. But the most valuable lesson I learned was, trust your gut. Pass or fail, it was an awesome experience! I want to thank my NASM instructors and MUSCLEPHARM for the amazing opportunity! Good luck to my classmates!

Fyi, MUSCLEPHARM hooked my class up!!

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Want to see how I’ve progress? My Fitness Journey.

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