Then & Now: My Story

When I started my fitness journey, I carried a lot of body fat and really didn’t exercise at all. My heart health was poor and my cholesterol numbers were out of control.

I originally started with programs like P90X and did several others from there. There were many many obstacles, such as staying on my meal plans and keeping on the workout plans. Then there were kids. But I wanted to make changes, and in the end I had dropped 20 lbs.

Goals have changed since I started.  Now I work my own programs and I just want to physically perform better. I have been doing all calisthenics and currently I weigh the most I have ever weighed in my life, yet my body fat is in the mid single digits.

 With that said, if you want to be fit bad enough you can get it. Just push, and don’t give up!

Do It For You.

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