Core Training 

A lot of people want that flat belly or ripped abs.

But a lot of people tend to over train them. Abs are like any other muscle, and like other muscles they need time to recover.

A personal suggestion would be to train them only 1-3 times a week. If you focus on proper movement through your kinetic chain you only really need to once.

Here are some examples of what I mean by Kinetic Chain Training:

Instead of using a bench for chest press, get out the Stability Ball.

  • Balance your shoulders and neck on the ball
  • push your hips up
  • tighten the core to hold yourself level

Yes you will likely have to go with decrease the weight load but you will get more core engagement. To compensate for the decrease in weight, slow the tempo.

Now for the legs.

First, get off the machines, and yes you can do squats. Squats take a lot of core engagement!

  • At the top of your squat tighten up that core by pulling the belly button into the spine.
  • Then lower yourself down with back straight and weight in the heels.

Things like this can be added into any routine to aid in building the abs. It’s not all about crunches and planks. Your abs can be worked by properly moving. Also don’t forget the cardio and proper diet. I suggest meeting with a trainer to learn proper movements to build that core. If you still want to challenge that core, then checkout the link to my latest ab routine.


Have Questions? Contact Me.

Want to see how I’ve progress? My Fitness Journey.

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