What Quest Fitness Is All About

The theory behind Quest Fitness is that everyone’s fitness journey is unique. Sure, you may share the same goal as the next person, but how you get there can be very different. Not everyone wants to run miles, lift weights or do push-ups, and not everyone has the self motivation to do at home videos. What we do first, at Quest Fitness, is sit down and talk game plan. We need to be on the same page on how we will get through all the different phases of your workout. Then, we schedule times to meet. Yes, it will take time, but you will have the support that you need through all the struggles. Your Quest for a more fit you starts here.IMG_3641

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New Review!

If you’re considering working with a personal trainer, my advice is:

1. Go for it. I’ve never seen these kind of results, nor been this happy with my body before. It addition to keeping me consistent, Ray knew how to push me enough so after every workout I had that wonderful feeling of exhaustion and accomplishment, knowing I couldn’t possibly have done any more work.

2. If you live in the GR area, work with Ray Shonk at Quest Fitness. He knows how and when to change things up so you continue to see results. He’s basically a fitness genius/psycho and you’ll learn A LOT from him. Bonus: he’s a bit of a sci-fi/Deadpool/dark humor kind of nerd and not at all a dumb jock.

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Get to Know Cardio

One of the most misunderstood and underrated parts of most people’s fitness programs is cardio-respiratory training.
Most people fail to understand why cardio training is so important in their fitness routines. Once you have set your overall goals, it is important to understand how to perform cardio training in the most effective way to reach those goals. Some of the most common goals for cardio training are: improve health by reducing cardio risk factors such as unhealthy body composition, poor blood lipid profiles, high blood pressure, weight management, improve performance, and reduce mental anxiety. There is much more to cardio training than just working the aerobic energy system.
In order to meet the goals, you have set the aerobic energy system and anaerobic energy system must both be trained. This is true especially for people who consistently switch between their aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, maximizing performance and minimizing fatigue. This type of conditioning is referred to as “interval training“, and is actually one of my favorite types of training. One thing I would suggest before you start an intense cardio program is to actually meet with a fitness professional just to help determine your current VO2 max. Your VO2 max, is the highest rate of oxygen transport and utilization achieved at maximal physical exertion. It will also be very helpful to find your maximum heart rate. The formula for this is rather simple your maximum heart rate is equal to 220 – Age.

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Why Not?

Some days I just love pushing those limits! Last night was a great weightless class! I decided to finish it out with something new for myself. This is not something I would suggest for a beginner.

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Cardio or Resistance Training First?

The answer to that question depends on the end goal. A lot of people feel strength training should be done first to augment the amount of fat burnt during cardio, because the strength training will burn glycogen stores. But, because of the rest periods and the shorter bursts of exercise, this will not likely affect your glycogen levels. However working in such a state can have negative effects such as low blood insulin, and a strong perception of fatigue. Currently there is no research showing that strength training before cardio increases fat burn. Strength training first may reduce your intensity causing your cardio training to suffer.

If the goal is strength, then resistance training would be the best way to start. If weight loss or aerobic endurance are the goal then hit the cardio first. Alternating the 2 is a great way to train both.

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Time for Costume Prep!

With October not far off it’s time to start preparing for those Comic Con & Halloween costumes.

To help you reach these goals, bring in a picture of your prior years costume and you will get a free fitness assessment and a 10% discount on your training package.

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(Beginner – Advanced Calisthenics)
This class focuses on workouts using zero weights. We work with a progressive system to advance from new-to-fitness to crazy human calisthenic tricks. You choose how far you want to take it. Even if you can’t do one push up or pull up, this class will get you there. Come see how the world can be your gym.

Wednesday nights at 7:30

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Straight Bar Dips

The straight bar dip is my favorite style of dip.  It is one of the most challenging and a prerequisite if you want to ever hit muscle ups. Before you attempt this dip you need to be able to knock out at least 10 parallel bar dips with great form. 

You want to start at the top of the bar with arms fully extended and shoulders down with your core engaged.

Lower yourself down until your upper arms reach 90 degrees. It is ok if your legs swing under the bar as this will help stabilize your body. Just like parallel bar dips, elbows should go back not out.

From the bottom, push yourself back up to complete the rep. This is a great way to build the triceps, shoulders and chest.

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