Ray Shonk Bio

Ray Shonk | Gym Owner | Personal Trainer

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  • Bachelors in Exercise Science
  • SFS (Senior Fitness Specialist)
  • WLS (Weight Loss Specialist)
  • NASM Master Trainer
  • NASM-MMACS (Mixed Martial Art Conditioning Specialist)
  • NASM-PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist)
  • Certified Nutrition Coach
  • MMACS (Mixed Martial Art Conditioning Specialist)
  • Cardiorespiratory Training for Sports Performance
  • Insanity Certified
  • American Tai Chi & Qigong Association Instructor
  • PCC Instructor

Fun: movies, reading, weight training, cardio circuit training, martial art training, beer brewing, cooking, video games

Specialties: Circuit training, SAQ training, strength endurance training, weight loss, general fitness, beginner to advanced calisthenics.

Currently Ray is the only certified calisthenics trainer in Michigan.

Who Is This Muscle Bound Jock? Guess what? I wasn’t always like this. Check out My Journey.