Dani Banks

I am a certified yoga instructor through the Funky Buddha University’s Teacher
Training Intensive. I have 17 years of teaching, coaching, and mentoring experience,
a BFA in art teaching, and a graduate certificate in holistic health. My goal as a yoga
teacher is to guide in strengthening body, mind, and spirit through practice,
mindfulness, joy, pride in one’s own capability, and a sense of connectedness to self
and to the people around us. I was trained in the Vinyasa style of yoga, and enjoy
teaching and sharing this mindful flow of breath with movement with people of all
fitness levels.

Outside the gym, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Jeremy, and my extremely
active children: Finn, 13 and Maggie 11. I love to cheer them on while they work hard
at the things they love. I am also a high school track coach and an artist. My most
recent exhibition of work, titled “Art of the Earth”, was on display at Rowster Coffee
from June 25-July 30. I enjoy being creative whether it is on a canvas or on my mat.
After 17 years of teaching K-12 art, I retired in 2015 to be more available to my family
and take time to discover a new path. That is when I dove deeper into the practice of
yoga and decided to use my creativity, teaching experience, and compassion in this
new way of honoring the light in people.