Massage Therapy

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Margaret Hansen, MMT

State Licensed Massage Therapist

To make an appointment call: (616) 263-6090

30 Minute Massage $35

            This short session is a good length for Medical Massage on a specific region of the body. Examples include: upper shoulder/neck/head and face for complaints including stiff neck, headache and jaw discomfort; or lower back/sacrum/hips for complaints including sciatica-type pain and difficulty walking.

60 Minute Massage $65

            Designed to promote your body’s natural alignment by addressing muscular tension imbalances throughout the body. Increases circulation through deep tissue massage and light stretching. Pressure of massage work adjusted to each person’s comfort preference.

90 Minute Massage $95

            This longer session is a combination of a typical 60 minute full body massage, with extra time allotted for multiple areas of intense Medical Massage focus and in-depth stretching. Abdominal work available when necessary.

Maternity Massage $65 (75 minutes) 

             Expecting mothers are always welcome. Massage pressure is adjusted for comfort and safety during each trimester of pregnancy. When unable to lay on her stomach, massage is typically performed while the client lays on her side. Extra attention is paid to body alignment and coaching the client on the best sleeping positions to help promote proper circulation and spinal alignment.

*For high risk pregnancies please consult with your physician or midwife before scheduling your appointment.

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