Flow Arts

By Tani Richter

What are “flow” arts? I discovered hula hooping as a flow art in the year 2013 as a freshman at Grand Valley State University. I knew rather little about this well known kid’s toy other than it was a struggle to keep it up on my waist. I started out with a hoop having a diameter just about as wide as I am tall (5’2”), weighing about 3 lbs. It took months before I could comfortably keep it around my waist. As my cardio endurance increased, the inches around my waist decreased: I was hooked! I began searching my new addiction on social media and quickly learned this hobby wasn’t just for kids. It took almost a year before I “found my flow”. As muscles evolve to memorize certain movements, finding transitions between certain tricks can make it seem almost effortless, giving a sense of illusion or “flow” as a professional dancer may portray. Almost six years later, my skills have exponentially progressed along with my determination. I found myself performing with Bangarang Circus and Circus&Lace of Grand Rapids, bringing joy to children (and parents). The most amazing discovery? Hula hooping is merely one flow art! There is also contact staff, poi, wands, fans, and my new favorite: aerial arts. I have been developing my skills in aerial silks and lyra for almost 2 years now and aim to continue growing strength throughout my body and mind with flowing on the ground and in the air. Flow arts will forever be my favorite way to not only express myself, but also challenge myself. I hope to share my passion with interested clients to shake up the “normal” workout routine and bring a more fun way of exercising into the mix.

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Calisthenics Booty Building Clinic

This will be a class on progressions for leg workouts using body weight only. The cost of the class will be $25 per person. So come train with the only Dragon Door certified calisthenics trainer in Michigan!

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(Beginner – Advanced Calisthenics)
This class focuses on workouts using zero weights. We work with a progressive system to advance from new-to-fitness to crazy human calisthenic tricks. You choose how far you want to take it. Even if you can’t do one push up or pull up, this class will get you there. Come see how the world can be your gym.

Wednesday nights at 7:30

My Fitness Journey

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