My Fitness update 

So my original doctor a few years ago told me I would have to take medicine for my cholesterol because of how crazy high it was. Matter of fact it was so bad he said I would be lucky to make it to 35 without a heart attack. Well with focusing on diet and exercise I got it to normal levels with no medicine. Take that pharmaceuticals!The moral of it all… Don’t let someone tell you what you can and can’t do with your own health and fitness.

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What Quest Fitness Is All About

The theory behind Quest Fitness is that everyone’s fitness journey is unique. Sure, you may share the same goal as the next person, but how you get there can be very different. Not everyone wants to run miles, lift weights or do push-ups, and not everyone has the self motivation to do at home videos. What we do first, at Quest Fitness, is sit down and talk game plan. We need to be on the same page on how we will get through all the different phases of your workout. Then, we schedule times to meet. Yes, it will take time, but you will have the support that you need through all the struggles. Your Quest for a more fit you starts here.IMG_3641

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Never Be Afraid of a Challenge

Never be afraid to challenge yourself.

Sure, you may not succeed on the first or even the second attempt, but learn from the failures and come back stronger! We all have obstacles to overcome at some point, injuries, illness or even self doubt. Your true strength comes from overcoming these obstacles. I know you can over come whatever stands in your way. Keep pushing my fitness friends!

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Stress Relief With Tai Chi & Qigong

We all face stress in everyday life, and most see it as either mental or physical, when in most cases it is both. How you choose to react to this stress will have an effect on your daily life.

When you are affected by stress the toll is taken on your health. When stressed, even at low levels your body chemistry changes, and your breathing will start to become shallow. This will start your body on negative hormones such as adrenaline, pulling you away from the positive hormones such as endorphins, serotonin, and endostatin.

The solution? Working out. Being active helps with stress and depression better than anything else, but do it for you.

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Quest Fitness Gym's owner knows how to get fit

Then & Now: My Story

When I started my fitness journey, I carried a lot of body fat and really didn’t exercise at all. My heart health was poor and my cholesterol numbers were out of control.

I originally started with programs like P90X and did several others from there. There were many many obstacles, such as staying on my meal plans and keeping on the workout plans. Then there were kids. But I wanted to make changes, and in the end I had dropped 20 lbs.

Goals have changed since I started.  Now I work my own programs and I just want to physically perform better. I have been doing all calisthenics and currently I weigh the most I have ever weighed in my life, yet my body fat is in the mid single digits.

 With that said, if you want to be fit bad enough you can get it. Just push, and don’t give up!

Do It For You.

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Fitness Can Be The Fountain Of Youth

We all know that fitness makes us stronger, fights off illness and makes our clothes fit better.

Another benefit of regular exercise is that it keeps you young!

Exercise gets your brain going like an energy drink and boosts vitality and overall sense of well being.

A good workout also increases blood flow throughout your entire body, including below the belt. This translates into a stronger and more youthful sex drive.

Researchers at McMaster University in Ontario studied a small group of adults between ages 20 and 84. The frequent exercisers who were over age 40 had skin that resembled the more supple, elastic skin of people in their 20s and 30s. The difference had nothing to do with sun exposure (which would age your skin faster if you didn’t wear sunscreen), reported the research team.

As we age, we tend to lose muscle mass and bone density leading to poor posture. Strength training, can help prevent this by conditioning the muscles and keeping stress on your bones and improving bone density.

Don’t forget, it is never too late to start being a healthier you. 

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Change For You!

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I do it for me, and no one else.


 I bring this up because it is an issue I recently had to address.

You have to make fitness changes for the right reasons.

You have to want to do get fit for you.

Don’t do it because your friends or significant other tells you to change. Doing it for others will only lead to feeling miserable. If others are criticizing how you look or how fit you are, then they are not people you really need in your life. Be happy with who you are and make those changes because you want to.

You get one shot at life, so make it the best life you can.

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If You Want Fitness, Then Take It!

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Strength Dosen’t Come From what We Can Do, It Comes From Overcoming What We Thought We Couldn’t Do.

Today I made it a point to increase the difficulty of my workout.

Just a couple of months ago I would have been lucky to get 1-set of muscle ups…

Today I achieved:

  • 2-sets of 5 muscle ups,
  • 4-sets of 12 high pull ups,
  • 2-sets of15 second iso hold levers,
  • 4-sets of 10 pull up holds,
  • 4-sets of 20 windshield wipers,
  • 4-sets of 16 archer pull ups.


If you want it bad enough, then push for it. You can accomplish anything if you really want it!

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