Quest Fitness is a gym that is truly unique. We tailor each workout to the individual characteristics of every client and know that everyone is different. Contact Us to see how we can become part of your quest for health and fitness!


NEW CLASS! It's all about active recovery. Simple movements including foam rolling, mobility work, balance training, stretching, yoga poses, progressive calisthenics, and breathe work help improve flexibility, mobility, and help fight stress. Open to all fitness levels.

Beast Club Boot Camp

Get in shape with challenging and proprietary calisthenics-based workout

Tai Chi

Connect with this historic martial arts routine led by our renowned instructors

Everyone’s fitness journey is unique.

Sure, you may share the same goal as the next person, but how you get there can be very different. Not everyone wants to run miles, lift weights or do push-ups, and not everyone has the motivation and discipline to do videos at home.


At Quest Fitness, we don’t just put you through the same workout as everyone else.


We actually come up with a plan – a plan that is uniquely tuned to your unique goals, interests, and body type.


We’ll support you, constantly work to analyze your needs through each and every phase of the work out and stick with you through the grind.


Your quest for a new you starts here!

The Quest Team

The Quest Team is experienced, infinitely credentialed, and ready to craft a workout unique enough to actually work.
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Ray Shonk

Owner/Master Trainer

Megan Russell


Daniel Roskamp

Personal Trainer

Gerald Browning

Tai Chi Instructor

Margaret Hansen

Massage Therapist

Robert Schooning

Tai Chi Instructor/Personal Trainer


Quest fitness was started out of Ray Shonk’s garage with the idea that everyone deserves access to a trainer. He put the plan together and fully remodeled his garage to make an accessible place for people to train. After a couple years of hard work, the gym clients started to grow to a point that the space also had to grow. With a bit of determination and amazing support from his clients, Quest grew from a 300 square foot space to a 1500 square foot space. The remodel this time was not just in an effort of Ray, but also a lot of great clients who volunteered time to get the new location up and running. Here we are today, looking to continue to grow adding massage therapy, more amazing trainers, and more classes.