Quest Fitness is a gym that is truly unique. We tailor each workout to the individual characteristics of every client and know that everyone is different. Contact Us to see how we can become part of your quest for health and fitness!


Why hire a certified personal trainer?

First, working with a certified trainer is a fast and safe way to reach your goals. Second, you will have support getting to your goals. Third, they can push you harder than you can push yourself. Finally, you will have someone there to help keep you accountable for your goals.


Quest fitness was built on the idea that high quality training should be available for everyone, but we also understand no trainer is ever one size fits all. On top of that, Quest Fitness is the only gym in Michigan to have certified calisthenics trainers so you can learn to workout anywhere. But it doesn’t stop there! We have fitness programs available for every level of fitness from the beginner who has never really worked out, all the way to pro athlete level. We offer help with nutrition and weight loss, as well as senior fitness. Quest fitness has everything you need to start your fitness journey.


Get time to work directly with a trainer one on one to get all your fitness needs addressed in a private fashion, or bring a friend or two and work with a trainer together.


We understand not everyone has the same fitness goal or even favorite style of working out. Not everyone likes cardio, or weight training. We take the time to listen to your needs and work with you to develop a program to meet what you are looking for in a fitness routine.