Quest Fitness is a gym that is truly unique. We tailor each workout to the individual characteristics of every client and know that everyone is different. Contact Us to see how we can become part of your quest for health and fitness!


Quest Fitness takes pride in creating unique, proprietary, and individualized workouts that are
tailored specifically to each and every client. Everyone is different, and so should every training routine!



Fitness Assessment: We take the time to go over relevant health history as well as evaluating your past training experience.


Q&A Session with a Trainer: Designed to cover fitness and nutritional goals.


An In-Depth Study of YOU: We take time and go over your personal fitness goals as well as helping you understand proper nutrition to help you achieve your objectives. This is a great time to ask questions of your trainer that may help you reach your desired fitness level in a smart and safe fashion.


Program Design: Based upon our findings throughout the first few steps of our conversations with you, we develop a program uniquely tailored to your goals. The program that we assemble is built with your goals in mind as well as your desired style of activities. After all, not everyone wants to push weight or do cardio.


Quest Fitness Gym is West Michigan’s premier fitness gym, and we’d love to help you achieve your fitness dreams.