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Margaret Hansen

Massage Therapist

As a teenager, I enjoyed giving back and neck massages to my friends for fun. That girl with a line at the campfire? That was me. Later in life when I found myself in need of a new career direction I returned to the idea of massage but I wondered if I could be more helpful to others than just putting people to sleep easily. As I researched programs and specialties within the field of massage, I found the highly technical side of massage focused on pain relief and restoration of range of motion that is the core focus of the areas of Medical Massage and Manual Therapy. I have watched many of my close relatives struggle with severe back pain for most of my life. I learned that with Manual Therapy I can often help ease that pain.


Fun hobbies: I love to read, knit, make snarky cross stitch gifts for friends, bake, ride bikes with my family and practice yoga.


Certifications: Medical Massage Therapist 600 Hour and Medical Manual Therapist 1200 Hour from Blue Heron Academy


To schedule an appointment, please call Margaret at (616) 263-6090!